Can I Travel with Fertility Medication?

Before booking your trip, connect with your nurse or physician to best anticipate the amount of medication you might need while you'll be away.  If you will be traveling for a period of time, you may need additional quantities of medication, which may require an authorization from your insurance company. 

Seven Traveling Tips

  • If you are flying, contact your airline to discuss the appropriate way to travel with needles and syringes. Many fertility centers can provide you with a note of necessity.
  • Keep prescriptions in original packing with your full name and pharmacy information.
  • Keep medications in hand held luggage and take them with you on board in the event your luggage is lost or stolen.
  • Pack medications in a clear plastic bag.
  • Don’t forget to pack alcohol wipes and a travel-sized hand sanitizer.
  • Dispose of used syringes appropriately in a safe plastic sharps container.
  • Purchase an insulated lunch bag and frozen gel pack to carry any medications that require refrigeration. Most airlines will not allow frozen water (ice cubes).

  • All medications should be presented and screened separately in a clear resealable bag.