What Should I Look For When Buying Medications Online?

Please be aware that it is illegal to import fertility medications from outside of the United States.  Medications purchased outside of the U.S. may not have FDA approval. If there is a problem with a particular batch of medications, the FDA has no way to re-call the drug. 

There are many websites that offer to sell prescription infertility “solutions” without a prescription to patients.  You should learn how to ensure that your online purchase is safe. Please note that many of these “so called” pharmacies operate illegally and that 50% of medications sold online are counterfeit. Counterfeit medications have been found to contain arsenic, chalk, rat poison, boric acid and paint. 

Here’s what you can do to protect yourself:

  • Buy medicines from your local licensed pharmacy or through licensed mail order pharmacies
  • Find a licensed online pharmacy on the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s VIPPS list
  • Use www.legitscript.com to check the legitimacy of any Internet pharmacy website
  • Shop on websites that end in the “.pharmacy” domain
  • Use the free EMD Serono app Check My Meds™ to instantly authenticate the serial number on the packages of most EMD Serono medications