What do you enjoy the most about being a Pateint Care Advocate?


I mostly enjoy having a role that allows me to provide personalized guidance, especially when briefing new members on how their benefits work and making sure they have a good understanding of it. Progyny provides the most generous fertility coverage in the United States right now and you can sense member’s excitement and relief, through the phone, when they hear that we do not limit them to a dollar amount in coverage. Whether it’s someone who's undergone multiple treatment cycle or new to fertility treatment, being part of their support system already makes the member’s experience unique and positive.


What’s your favorite/best moment so far at Progyny?


A great moment was when we were able to send a member to an in-network clinic that was closer to her home. As you know, we’re growing and that means our network of providers is also growing. When she first came to me, the closest clinic was over 100 miles away making it hard for her to receive treatment. I reached out to our provider relations team to see if they could help provide this member with a closer clinic and it turns out this was a project they were already working on! How neat is that? The provider relations team recognized the need for more clinics in this particular area and it became a win - win for everyone. It was incredibly rewarding to tell this particular member that we had a clinic in her area. She was so grateful and I was so happy that I was able to help her utilize her Progyny Benefit as soon as possible!


What does family mean to you?


I have a small family and I love them very much. But I’ve also come to realize that my closest friends are also part of family. Family are the people that have seen and supported me through rough patches in life but also during my most  joyous moments. Life wouldn’t be as meaningful without them! The best part is that my family keeps growing - at Progyny I already consider some colleagues to be part of my family and I enjoy being part of this team!


Give one word to describe the impact you’ve made on a patient’s life: Succor


What’s your favorite baby name?


Mila. It’s an adorable baby name! I’m also just a huge Mila Kunis fan!


Who’s your favorite celebrity baby?


My favorite celebrity baby would of course have to be Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ very own baby boy named Dmitri Portwood Kutcher!  I’ve always been a fan of That 70s show where they played a couple on it before they actually dated. Now I’m happy to see these two awesome actors building their own family!


What was the last gift you gave?


I gave my boyfriend a beautiful MVMT watch because It was something he had talked about for a while. It was an unexpected gift and he really liked it!


Where was the last place you traveled?


I went to Montreal, Canada last year. I was there for a music festival with friends and it was so much fun! The food was amazing and being in a very bilingual city was a unique experience for me. You could see the French and English influence throughout. The architecture was just beautiful!


What is your favorite movie?


My favorite movie is Shutter Island. I’m very into psychological thrillers and anything Leonardo Dicaprio.


Last TV series you binge watched?  


I am a huge Fan of The Magicians, a show on Syfy. I’m usually good at predicting what is going to happen on a T.V. show/movie, but this show has its many twists and turns. I enjoy the surprises!