What do you enjoy most about being a PCA?

Being a PCA coincides with my primary values. I am very family oriented and being able to help others build families gives me joy. I come from a big Italian family where quality time, genuine conversation is a big deal. There are also lots of babies in my family right now and I’m so grateful that we are growing. We are always there for each other and I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience that.


What is your favorite/best moment so far at Progyny?

Honestly, Fertility Benefits 101 training was my favorite. Jay Palumbo, Director of Patient Engagement, led Fertility Benefits 101 on 10/11/16 and told her story about her fertility journey. There was a PowerPoint presentation involved and she walked me through different battles that different patients’ face when undergoing fertility treatment. Initially, I assumed she was leading this training and discussing fertility treatment in general. I wasn’t expecting her to eventually show a slide with a picture of her baby…and refer to her battle. As I grew with Progyny, I did not realize how many of my colleagues endured this pain and the struggle of starting their own families. It gave me more insight, more faith in positive outcome, and definitely more of a purpose to advocate for my members preparing to face the same journey.


What does family mean to you?

Family is everything to me. My parents particularly are my best friends. I spend as many weekends as I can with them. I also have 8 siblings some of which also have children and it makes me so proud! I truly believe that family is a blessing.


Give one word to describe the impact you have made on a patient’s life: Solace


What is your favorite baby name? Scarlet


Who is your favorite celebrity baby? Reign Aston Disick


What was the last gift you gave?

After a long conversation about time and an emotional roller coaster that lasted longer than it should have, I ordered a specific vinyl record for a friend. The album referenced time and an hourglass – it wasn’t easy to find and my friend loves the band. I think it delivered a message that was better stated through music.


Where was the last place you traveled?

My parents have a house in Mexico.  We’ve had it for about ten years. It’s our sanctuary and it’s in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and that was the last place I traveled.


What is your favorite movie? Gone With the Wind


Last TV series you binge watched? AH! …Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It is my guilty pleasure!