We are here to support clinicians and doctors working in the fertility space. Partnering with Progyny means joining the fastest growing network of fertility clinics servicing Fortune 500 companies. Our members get the benefit of bundled coverage, which means they’ll be able to access a wide variety of fertility services. This means that as a provider, you’ll be working with individuals who will be covered for an average of two in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles, plus consultation, freeze-all IVF cycles, PGS with single embryo transfer, egg freezing, and embryo banking. Our unique bundled coverage also allows for doctors to have more freedom in prescribing treatment protocols. This is because Progyny physicians recommend treatment based on clinical criteria, not cost of treatment. Additionally, all of our partners can expect to receive prompt reimbursement after treatment completion. Maintaining a positive relationship with providers is central to our business. If you’re interested in connecting with us, don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists.

  • Treat qualified patients with egg freezing and fertility benefits.
  • Leverage technology such as PGS and ICSI to increase success rates.
  • Work with patients is focused on the best treatment plan for pregnancy, not cost.
  • Benefit from streamlined communication and claims processing.
  • Receive prompt reimbursement after treatment completion.