The Conference Board, 3rd Annual Strategic HR Conference


Come meeting Progyny at the Conference Board's upcoming, 3rd Annual Strategic HR Conference in NYC on April 5th & 6th. HR has been evolving from a core to a strategic function. HR can now be counted among the departments called upon to help solve critical business problems. The HR function can be crucial in cultural transformation, increasing innovation, and offsetting impending talent shortages and by insuring that you have the employee base to sustain business growth and carry out strategies that organizations are using to succeed today and to be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. Attend this year’s Strategic HR conference and interact with senior-level HR peers representing leading organizations in order to obtain new insights to revise your organizations strategic initiatives, refine action plans and reposition your HR organization for even better results in 2017 and beyond. Use Progyny's promo code PRO20 to save 20% on your registration!