Progyny Announces Scientific Sessions on the Eeva Test at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Dr. Barry Behr, co-founder of the Eeva technology, IVF Lab Director at Stanford University and lead author on “Computer-Automated Time-lapse Test Results are Predictive of Pregnancy Following Blastocyst Transfer” will be one of many sharing data on Eeva Test at the conference.  “This study is the first to show that early cell division timing parameters measured by the Eeva Test may have an independent predictive value on blastocyst transfer outcome when pregnancy and implantation rates were compared,” said Dr. Barry Behr.  “Although more clinical data is needed, this preliminary study supports the hypothesis that the Eeva Test provides value in improving blastocyst transfer outcomes.” 


 “The Eeva Test was founded on groundbreaking research and scientific discovery. We are pleased the robust body of evidence in support of this technology continues to grow as seen by the depth and breadth of data being presented this year at ASRM by our partner clinics,” said Gina Bartasi, Chief Executive Officer.  “Our company is dedicated to helping patients achieve the best possible outcomes and advancing the IVF field through innovative and proprietary clinical solutions.” 


A total of twelve presentations from Eeva partner clinics will be presented throughout the conference. 


The Eeva™ Test is the first and only FDA cleared non-invasive prognostic test to aid in embryo selection. The proprietary, automated Eeva Test helps IVF clinicians optimize their treatment for patients undergoing IVF procedures. Progyny received a CE mark for the Eeva™ Test in July 2012 and FDA clearance in June 2014.


For more information on the Eeva Test and Progyny, visit booth #706 at ASRM.  Full session details and data presentation listings for the 2015 meeting can be found on the ASRM website at