If it’s determined that your best option to create a family would be through a gestational carrier, your patient care advocate (PCA), will connect you with our onsite Clinical Educator and Registered Nurse. They can walk you through your choices of reputable donor egg and surrogacy agencies. While Progyny does not cover surrogacy fees, medications, monitoring or donor services in general, it does include applicable ART/IUI services performed on the covered individuals or their property (sperm and embryo). We also provide educational resources to guide you through your surrogacy journey.


Reimbursement Program - About This Program

Progyny can administer reimbursement of certain client determined non-medical eligible expenses associated with the adoption and/or surrogacy family building processes. The Progyny adoption and surrogacy reimbursement assistance program(s) are becoming increasingly popular with employers who wish to provide a wider breadth of family building solutions beyond fertility benefits to their employee population base.